Not all Paddles are Created Equal like Pop-Paddle Tennis & Padel 38mm paddles.

You see more and more Paddle sports are popping up with the incredible Growth of Pickleball. We ate now seeing Growth in other Paddle Sports like Pop-Paddle Tennis ,Pop Tennis and Paddle Tennis are very very similar to each other and just few rule changes separate these these 2 paddle sports.
But lets talk about the equipment and specifically the Paddles used in bothe Pop and Paddle Tennis as opposed to what is used in the Game of Padel or some ayers call it Spanish Padel.
Most of what you will see in the sport of Padel is the thicker 38mm style very powerful eva foam core paddles.
And the sport of Padel is catching on now in the USA,these 38mm paddle are 18 inches in length, and anything longer is considered ILLEGAL.
BUT in the sport of Pop-Paddle Tennis the Maximum length is just a bit longer at 18.5 inches, yes its legal to play with a half inch longer paddle,Just a bit more Pop from that 18.5 38mm paddle..and most manufacturers do NOT make 18.5 inch 38mm paddles.
So do not sell yourself short if your playing Pop-Paddle Tennis your allowed 18.5 inch.
Luckily it is an easy fix for us at we can install the XTP Xtended Tennis Product butt cap on any standard 18 inch paddle and stretch it to the 18.5 Pop Paddle Tennis legal lenght.

We can easily add half an inch to any 38mm Padel Paddle and make it Pop for Paddle Tennis.

And currently we have the Wilson Slash Lite 2.0 38mm Padel in standard 18 inch or the longer 18.5 stretched version..
So know that 18.5 is the Length to get just a bit more Pop while playing Paddle Tennis .truly.john .

Paddle Tennis on a Pickleball court its here.

Unfortunately we are not seeing many Paddle Tennis courts being built the last 10 years,and the sport of Pickleball has exploded and there are now more than 15000 courts in the USA.
So we are seeing Paddle Tennis players niw playing Paddle Tennis on these courts,they are not playing Pop Tennis,,but they are playing Paddle Tennis with the thinner old school graphite paddles that offer great control and more spin..
The thinner 14mm to 16mm paddles are needed because the side allies and slightly smaller court of pickleball requires this adjustment. Also its noted to use the official orange dot tennis ball ss it also helps keep ball in play on these pickleball courts.
But now Paddle Tennis players have access to 15000 courts in the USA ,just remember to use the thinner old school graphite paddles and orange dot Tennis ball. NOW YOUR PLAYING PADDLE TENNIS ON A PICKLEBALL COURT.
And if your in Venice Beach look up 12 time national Paddle Tennis champion Sonia Ode Lucci she likes playing both Paddle Tennis ,Pickleball and other showing new players the games.

Sonia 12 time Notional Paddle Tennis winner plays Pickleball an Paddle Tennis and thinks the sports can grow together.

Daryl Lemon President of United States Paddle Tennis Association is embraced to lead new players of Paddle Tennis and Pickleball to new finding new common ground.
And to all you Pickleball players please try a game of Paddle Tennis on your court its very fun to mix it up and you can always learn new shots..
I myself play both Paddle Tennis and Pickleball and they compliment each other and its just nice to chsnge it up .
Many Tennis players find Playing Paddle Tennis much more like Tennis and are mote willing to try it.So try it on a Pickleball court.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
And I sell all these types if paddles at
We sell many Wilson thin Paddle Tennis paddle used for Paddle Tennis on Picklball courts.
Paddles4less has many many thin Paddles used for Paddle Tennis on picklball courts.

Thx.john of XTP sports
Paddle Tennis is Played on Picklball courts

POP Tennis,or Paddle Tennis

I myself play Paddke Tennis with the Bucket Line,or Restraint Line as i honestly think its a better game and makes for longer rallies.
I understand some Tennis Players may not undestand the Bucket Line/Restraint Line but once accustomed to it its a very simple rule.
As I’ve stated befor why is it the sport of PICKLEBALL has the KITCHEN line that never goes away during the entire rally and Pickleball players can monitor that line,make fair calls and new players can adjust to this rule AND PICKLEBALL KEEPS GROWING IN LEAPS AND BOUNDS.
So I’m a Paddle Tennis purists and think the Bucket line is a very valuable part of our game.
Truly.john of

Pickleball Grows and Grows,we want Paddle Tennis to prosper also.

Could be that Pickleball will help Paddle Tennis grow

Sonia Ode Lucci is Solergy-she is a 12 time National PADDLE Tennis winner now playing alot if Pickleball and loving both sports.

SONIA is very often at Venice Beach playing Pickleball and she lives to play both sports.
She says there is no competition and body’s in motion is what sports is all about.
And XTP sports now has the new 27 gram outdoor pickleball that is the go to ball at the beach.
So pick up a paddle of either- Paddle Tennis or Pickleball and head on over to Venice Beach and if you see Sonia she will very likely take time to hit some balls with you.Both sports are great and they should be co-striping courts so they can be used for either sports.
Truly.john of

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Many players of both Pop/Paddle are extending their 18 inch paddles with our Patented XTP tennis butt cap.
Standard paddles are 18 inches but new rule changes now allows for a 18.5 inches.
We sell our Patented XTP tennis butt caps worldwide and actually the largest market is in the sport of Tennis for the XTP butt cap.
A standard 27in Tennis racquet is easily stretched to 27.5 or slightly longer by installing our XTP cap. And there are many many players who utilize the XL racquets on tour.
So it’s now very easy to self customize by simply installing the XTP tennis butt cap on a racquet or paddle and even pickleball paddles.

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Pop Tennis is Paddle Tennis with a slight edge.
In Pop Tennis there is no restraint line so in doubles players can encroach more at the net.
And now than most players are using the Hybrid thicker and longer Stretched paddles it make for a side out possiblity with shorter rallies.
The XTP hybrid  textured 33mm and 29mm paddles are used because they offer a light fast powerful weapon for Pop Tennis. The 33mm XTP is 18.4 inches in length but our 29mm is standard 18.but can easily be customized to 18.5 by installing our Patented XTP tennis butt cap.