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Many players of both Pop/Paddle are extending their 18 inch paddles with our Patented XTP tennis butt cap.
Standard paddles are 18 inches but new rule changes now allows for a 18.5 inches.
We sell our Patented XTP tennis butt caps worldwide and actually the largest market is in the sport of Tennis for the XTP butt cap.
A standard 27in Tennis racquet is easily stretched to 27.5 or slightly longer by installing our XTP cap. And there are many many players who utilize the XL racquets on tour.
So it’s now very easy to self customize by simply installing the XTP tennis butt cap on a racquet or paddle and even pickleball paddles.

Blog 1

Pop Tennis is Paddle Tennis with a slight edge.
In Pop Tennis there is no restraint line so in doubles players can encroach more at the net.
And now than most players are using the Hybrid thicker and longer Stretched paddles it make for a side out possiblity with shorter rallies.
The XTP hybrid  textured 33mm and 29mm paddles are used because they offer a light fast powerful weapon for Pop Tennis. The 33mm XTP is 18.4 inches in length but our 29mm is standard 18.but can easily be customized to 18.5 by installing our Patented XTP tennis butt cap.