Not all Paddles are Created Equal like Pop-Paddle Tennis & Padel 38mm paddles.

You see more and more Paddle sports are popping up with the incredible Growth of Pickleball. We ate now seeing Growth in other Paddle Sports like Pop-Paddle Tennis ,Pop Tennis and Paddle Tennis are very very similar to each other and just few rule changes separate these these 2 paddle sports.
But lets talk about the equipment and specifically the Paddles used in bothe Pop and Paddle Tennis as opposed to what is used in the Game of Padel or some ayers call it Spanish Padel.
Most of what you will see in the sport of Padel is the thicker 38mm style very powerful eva foam core paddles.
And the sport of Padel is catching on now in the USA,these 38mm paddle are 18 inches in length, and anything longer is considered ILLEGAL.
BUT in the sport of Pop-Paddle Tennis the Maximum length is just a bit longer at 18.5 inches, yes its legal to play with a half inch longer paddle,Just a bit more Pop from that 18.5 38mm paddle..and most manufacturers do NOT make 18.5 inch 38mm paddles.
So do not sell yourself short if your playing Pop-Paddle Tennis your allowed 18.5 inch.
Luckily it is an easy fix for us at we can install the XTP Xtended Tennis Product butt cap on any standard 18 inch paddle and stretch it to the 18.5 Pop Paddle Tennis legal lenght.

We can easily add half an inch to any 38mm Padel Paddle and make it Pop for Paddle Tennis.

And currently we have the Wilson Slash Lite 2.0 38mm Padel in standard 18 inch or the longer 18.5 stretched version..
So know that 18.5 is the Length to get just a bit more Pop while playing Paddle Tennis .truly.john .