POP Tennis,or Paddle Tennis

I myself play Paddke Tennis with the Bucket Line,or Restraint Line as i honestly think its a better game and makes for longer rallies.
I understand some Tennis Players may not undestand the Bucket Line/Restraint Line but once accustomed to it its a very simple rule.
As I’ve stated befor why is it the sport of PICKLEBALL has the KITCHEN line that never goes away during the entire rally and Pickleball players can monitor that line,make fair calls and new players can adjust to this rule AND PICKLEBALL KEEPS GROWING IN LEAPS AND BOUNDS.
So I’m a Paddle Tennis purists and think the Bucket line is a very valuable part of our game.
Truly.john of PopTennisPaddle.com

Pickleball Grows and Grows,we want Paddle Tennis to prosper also.