Paddle Tennis on a Pickleball court its here.

Unfortunately we are not seeing many Paddle Tennis courts being built the last 10 years,and the sport of Pickleball has exploded and there are now more than 15000 courts in the USA.
So we are seeing Paddle Tennis players niw playing Paddle Tennis on these courts,they are not playing Pop Tennis,,but they are playing Paddle Tennis with the thinner old school graphite paddles that offer great control and more spin..
The thinner 14mm to 16mm paddles are needed because the side allies and slightly smaller court of pickleball requires this adjustment. Also its noted to use the official orange dot tennis ball ss it also helps keep ball in play on these pickleball courts.
But now Paddle Tennis players have access to 15000 courts in the USA ,just remember to use the thinner old school graphite paddles and orange dot Tennis ball. NOW YOUR PLAYING PADDLE TENNIS ON A PICKLEBALL COURT.
And if your in Venice Beach look up 12 time national Paddle Tennis champion Sonia Ode Lucci she likes playing both Paddle Tennis ,Pickleball and other showing new players the games.

Sonia 12 time Notional Paddle Tennis winner plays Pickleball an Paddle Tennis and thinks the sports can grow together.

Daryl Lemon President of United States Paddle Tennis Association is embraced to lead new players of Paddle Tennis and Pickleball to new finding new common ground.
And to all you Pickleball players please try a game of Paddle Tennis on your court its very fun to mix it up and you can always learn new shots..
I myself play both Paddle Tennis and Pickleball and they compliment each other and its just nice to chsnge it up .
Many Tennis players find Playing Paddle Tennis much more like Tennis and are mote willing to try it.So try it on a Pickleball court.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
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Thx.john of XTP sports
Paddle Tennis is Played on Picklball courts